Week 25: Modular Jam

A very late post, documenting last week’s music. This is track 4 of the Facebook project:

Week 24: Modular Tracks

Last week, I inadvertently started a longish ongoing project by posting on my Facebook timeline that I’d make a short piece of music to anyone who leaves a comment on the post. So far, 57 friends have done so.

I immediately started on it, and completed three tracks last week:

Week 23: Modular Jam

I spent too much time working on this track. Exploring the new module, the Morphagene, took almost a week. The rest of the patch came together in a day or two, while several more days were spent pondering on the right take to use, mastering things, listening and re-listening.

Reminder: I shouldn’t spend too much time one one thing.

In any case, I am quite pleased with the results.


Week 22: Modular Jam

I started this patch aiming for an ambient tune, but after too many changes (and lack of determination) I opted to focus on testing my newly-acquired sequencer as well. The result is a more traditional subtractive-synth syle jam.